Category: Technology

  • Y Combinator Takes Public Stance Against Sexual Harassment

    By Cat Zakrzewski Ahead of its Demo Day next week, Y Combinator reminded investors in a blog post on Tuesday that it has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment toward founders. “Don’t even think about doing it,” Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston wrote. “I will find out. Y Combinator will not continue to work with you.” […]

  • YC-Backed Ticket Labs Helps Small Music Venues Get More Fans Through The Door

    By Kyle Russell Over the last few years, technology has steadily worked its way into the concert-going experience. Apps make the ticket purchasing experience a simple affair, while the endless flood of social data gives promoters and bands the ability to target their marketing efforts at those most likely to enjoy their particular style. Read […]

  • OnePlus Cancels Its Dumb Contest Following Uproars Of Sexism

    By Greg Kumparak If you want to get more women involved in your community, throwing the equivalent of a sketchy online beauty contest and labeling it “chivalry” probably isn’t the way to do it. Fledgling smartphone maker OnePlus learned that lesson this morning. Just hours after launching a contest that encouraged women to draw the […]

  • Candy Crush Maker King Drops 20% After Reporting Disappointing Earnings

    By Alex Wilhelm Candy crushed. King, maker and purveyor of Candy Crush, reported earnings today and was whacked by investors after detailing revenue that disappointed, and lowering its top line guidance. The company also announced a $150 million dividend. The company earned $0.59 per share on a non-GAAP basis on revenue of $594 million. Investors […]

  • With YC Backing, PersistIQ Hopes To Remove Excel From The Outbound Sales Process

    By Ron Miller As with many companies, the two founders of PersistIQ, a YC-backed startup had a problem they saw needed fixing and they decided to build a product to take care of it. In this case, they found themselves coordinating their cold-call drip marketing campaigns in an Excel spreadsheet and they thought there had […]