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Camoji Lets You Create And Text Animated GIFs Via iMessage

By Sarah Perez An iOS application called Camoji, which lets you create your own animated selfies and other GIFs, will be your new favorite toy. Like a number of mobile messaging applications that have come out in recent weeks, Camoji is designed primarily to work with iMessage, as opposed to attempting to establish its own […]

DISH TV Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

By John Biggs Another day, another major corporation accepting BTC. This time it’s DISH TV, a satellite TV provider that is working with Coinbase to accept bitcoin payments online. Why is this news? Well, considering Overstock is now accepting $15,000 a day in Bitcoin sales, there is clearly some demand for paying for goods and […] Aims To Streamline Bitcoin Transactions

By John Biggs If you wanted to send me bitcoin right now you could either type in ‘1JPrpxRagtzuzY4KWCNV2hBhybqyaTrVwA’ or just look for “johnbiggs” on Onename. That’s what two Princeton grads are hoping you’ll do, anyway. was founded by Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea, two engineers who thought they could fix bitcoin transactions. The goal […]